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Playing AlphaGo’s Early 3-3 Invasion

Prolific author Yuan Zhou analyses the early 3-3 point invasion that has become popular among pro players. After reviewing the various ways in which the invasion can be handled, he reviews a substantial number of pro games in which the invasion is played. As always, his aim is to help you understand this tactic so that you can use it effectively in your own games.

Lessons in Opening Strategy

This book provides a series of problems systematically organized as a study of alternative strategies and tactics for playing the opening in a game of go effectively. Serious study of this book will greatly strengthen your opening play. Yuan Zhou is a master teacher.

Reduction In Common Go Positions

In this companion volume to Iwamoto’s book on invasions, he surveys common positions in the game of go in which invasion is not feasible so the best attack is reduction. How both to make and defend against such reductions is analyzed in detail.

Invasion in Common Go Positions

This book is a classic study of both making and defending against invasions into common positions in the game of go.

Rethinking Opening Strategy: AlphaGo’s Impact on Pro Play

The AI program AlphaGo Zero has introduced several new ideas about how to play in the opening of a game of go. Yuan Zhou, a popular go teacher, discusses several of them and shows their use in several pro games.

AlphaGo vs Ke Jie

The match between AlphaGo and Ke Jie 9P was the last time a human played the computer program. Yuan Zhou gives a thorough and insightful analysis of the three games in the match and reflects on the significance of AlphaGo for the go community.

Fundamental Principles of Go

Fundamental Principles is a clear presentation of the basic guidelines that you should follow in playing the game of go. Yilun Yang is the most famous go teacher in the US and this is an extremely popular book.

MasterPlay: The Style of Iyama Yuta

Iyama Yuta is currently the top professional go player in Japan, having held the top titles for more years than any player in history. Yuan Zhou clarifies his playing style by thoroughly analyzing three recent games.

The New Territorial Style

There are different styles of play for the game of go: traditional territorial style, fighting style, and what can be called “moyo” style, that is, aiming for a large center territory. Recently, professionals have been moving toward a new version of territorial style, which differs from the traditional territorial style by incorporating deliberate center fighting in the middle game. Players with Black have been doing very well with this new style.

The Workshop Lectures, vol.1

These lectures discuss basic principles for guiding your play in the game of go. Yilun Yang is one of the best known teachers of go in the world.

AlphaGO vs Lee Sedol

Zhou gives detailed commentaries on the five game match between the computer program AlphaGo and the top professional go player Lee Sedol. He gives special attention to the strengths and weaknesses of this computer program that is creating a sensation in the go world by winning virtually all its games against the strongest human players.

Single Digit Kyu Game Commentaries

In these very thorough commentaries on go games played by single digit kyu level players Zhou points out common mistakes and misunderstandings and shows how to deal with many common situations correctly.

How Not to Play Go

Yuan Zhou explains the bad habits that prevent weaker players of the game of go from becoming stronger. Many of these are easily overcome.

The Young Chinese Go Masters

Thorough analysis of four games involving eight of the young Chinese go pros currently dominating the world of go.

Deep Thought

This book contains an analysis of two professional games of go in which every move is explained and each game diagram contains only one new move, providing an ideal situation for studying the highest level of playing the game of go.

200 Endgame Problems

Skill in endgame problems in the game of go is a frequent weakness in amateur players. This book will help you strengthen your ability in this crucial part of the game.

Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes

A study of joseki mistakes in playing the game of go and how to correct them or take advantage of them when your opponent makes the mistake.

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