Chinese Opening

Chinese Opening Sample PDF
Second Edition, containing a new chapter on the latest developments: A new strategy for White introduced by top Chinese pro Gu Li 9P in a recent game. The material covers a very interesting new idea for White that was introduced by the top Chinese pro Gu Li 9P in a recent tournament. Current study suggests that it is a very effective strategy for White to use---especially if Black has not seen it yet Although it is a quite different strategy, current study suggests that it is an effective defense for White to use---especially if your opponent has not seen it yet. It offers Black a lot of chances to make a mistake. The Chinese Opening is popular among both amateurs and pros today, but many amateurs do not have a good understanding of the meaning of this opening. In this book Yuan Zhou provides a full explanation of the best ways to use and to respond to it. He discusses the origins of the opening and the evolution of players’ understanding of it using famous games as illustrations, from a game played by Honinbo Dosaku in 1683 to one between Cho Chikun and Chen Yaoye in last year’s international Chunlan Cup. Most amateurs have only a few out of date ideas about this opening; this book will correct that problem. 84 pages.
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