100 Tips for Amateur Players, vol. 1

100 Tips for Amateur Players, vol. 1 Sample PDF
This first of three volumes from Oromedia on tips for amateurs has three sections. First is an analysis of fourteen basic joseki, showing right and wrong ways to respond in common situations, including the latest innovations. Most of these are joseki that begin with an approach to a 3-4 point stone, but some are 4-4 point joseki, including those involving a double approach. Second is a presentation of eleven basic proverbs with full explanations of why you should follow them and what happens if you don't. Finally, there is a section called "Training" that explains how to use six basic tactics, including proper sacrificing, cutting, and connecting. Again examples of good and bad practice are presented. The inclusion of incorrect responses facilitates understanding as opposed to mere memorization. This material is accessible to relative beginners, but will be very helpful to single digit kyu players as well. Dan players will find the latest Korean wisdom about joseki useful. The text is in both English and Korean. Published by Oromedia.
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