Patterns of the Sanrensei

Patterns of the Sanrensei Sample PDF
Michael Redmond's study of the well-known three star point opening, usually referred to by its Japanese name of sanrensei, is designed to thoroughly clarify the aim of this opening strategy and how to develop it or defend against it. He distinguishes six basic patterns the opening can take and then illustrates and discusses both using and opposing them in twenty of his own games. For most players the initial value of this large format book will be understanding how to respond effectively to this challenging opening pattern when your opponent uses it. Instead of being nervous when your opponent plays the third star point, you'll find yourself thinking 'Ah, I know how to deal with this.' However, as you come to understand the opening better, you will probably find it a very good strategy to use yourself in games, especially if your opponent has not read this book. 212 pages
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