ABCs of Attack and Defense

ABCs of Attack and Defense Sample PDF
After moving to Japan from California as a young teenager, Michael Redmond has become an active 9 dan pro there. Among other accomplishments, he has become a very popular go teacher. This book, which is based on an award winning TV series he presented in Japan shows why. It is characterized by the clarity, lucidity, and thoroughness Redmond is known for. He focuses on the fundamental principles of attacking and defending that are the key to becoming a strong player, explaining the application of principles by analyzing the situations that develop around a 4-4 point corner stone, including unusual and double approach moves as well as a normal approach and emphasizing the importance of keeping in mind the situation on the whole board. Redmond aims at a broad audience, but the book will be especially valuable to relatively weak players, although because of the thoroughness of his analysis, it will also fill in the gaps in the understanding of many stronger players. PLEASE NOTE: This is a 'beta' version we created in 2002. It lacks cover art and other pictures, but the content, as far as commentary is concerned, is identical.
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