Brilliance/Power Sample PDF
This book contains an independent study of each of two famous games bound together as a single volume---a 'flip book' (When you have read one book you flip the volume over and read the other). As in other books by John Fairbairn, the commentaries are very thorough, drawn from sources not available in English, and the historical background of the games as well as biographical information about the players is also covered. The first book is 'Jowa's Three Brilliances: Honinbo Jowa Plays Akaboshi Intetsu'. This game is commonly known as the 'blood vomiting' game. Intetsu collapses after the game ends and soon dies, but it is Jowa's three brilliant moves that make it famous. The second book is The Insha Game: Honinbo Shusai versus Karigane Junichi. It is the first game of the pivotal match between the newly established Nihon Ki-in and the rival professional organization the Kiseisha. A distinctive feature of this game is the amazingly large and difficult capturing race that ends with a very large capture.
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