Invasions Sample PDF
"Invasions" by Iwamoto Kaoru 9P is an analysis of how and when to invade common positions as well as of how to defend against such invasions. This material first appeared in an early Slate & Shell book, "Keshi and Uchikomi: Reduction and Invasion in Go", that has long been out of print. Although the material was excellent, the earlier book was poorly translated from the Japanese original. The diagrams were often confusing and hard to follow, and the text was often awkward and difficult to understand. In this new book the diagrams have been completely redone and reorganized and the text has been rewritten so that the book is much easier to study. The book deals with situations that arise regularly in actual games; the analysis is very practical and the guidance it offers will make a lot of common situations much easier for you to handle. (The material on reductions in the earlier book will be redone in a later volume.) 116 pages.
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