Baduk, Made Fun and Easy, vol. 1

Baduk, Made Fun and Easy, vol. 1 Sample PDF
Baduk [Korean for "go"], Made Fun and Easy is an introductory book that goes well beyond introducing the basic rules of the game. The author presents lessons on a number of topics that will be very helpful to many kyu players, especially double digit kyu players. She covers all aspects of the game: opening theory, middle game fighting, and endgame techniques. There are lessons on such themes as shape, capturing races, 4-4 and 3-4 point joseki, and the famous Korean notion of "haengma", as well as a thorough coverage of life and death and sections on history and etiquette. The production values of this book are also very high. The book is published in Korea and the author is a professional player and a professor in the Department of Baduk at Myongji University in Korea.
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